Why Elizabeth Warren Is a Threat to America’s Growth

12162013_Warren“Liz Warren is Obama with conviction.” “Liz Warren is Hillary without the baggage.” Actually, the Massachusetts senator is a progressive firebrand whose family issues could cause serious problems for the country. She is dynamic, she has fire in her belly and she hates – absolutely hates – banks.

Why does Liz Warren hate the banks? It’s personal – bankers were mean to her “Daddy.” When Elizabeth Warren was 12 years old, a bank repossessed one of the family’s two cars. Because the bank threatened to take the Warren’s home, too, and because her father was out of work, her mother needed to bring in some desperately-needed money. She weepily struggled into a too-tight black dress, hobbled to Sears, Roebuck on uncomfortable high heels, and got her first-ever job. It was, as Warren recounts in her memoir, the day she grew up.


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