Why Government is the enemy of prosperity

The rap on the Tea Party is that they are a bunch of babies that don’t want to pay any taxes. The mainstream media has proliferated that image and tried to make it stick. Crackpots, wingnuts and extremists aside, most Tea Partiers want a smaller government, not no government. The reason is not fear or hatred of government, but the desire to curb the appetite of the beast. The more people being paid, the more income from taxes is needed. Simple.

“An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy,” 

      – Daniel Webster in 1819

How many people does the government really need? Looking locally, how many people do you think your city needs suckling from the public teet? How much do they deserve to be paid? Would you be outraged to have 199 of your county’s workers making $250,000 or more?  Why are there not riots in the streets about this?

Do you think your city could provide the same quality and number of services if it were to jettison a third of its workers? DSMW thinks it could. Our city certainly could.