Why It Worked For Lyndon Johnson

“In some ways, what was most noticeable about the speech was what wasn’t in it: Nothing.” Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, an Obama admirer, comments after the State of the Union address.

Here’s what has to be understood. It’s all about him.

A State of the Union speech normally is about relating a president’s public policies to conditions in the country. An Obama State of the Union speech is about one thing: the Obama project.

It would be unfair to say that everything and everyone else in a complex world are irrelevant. But let’s be clear about the priorities: Congress, the Cabinet of courtiers, the press, the people and indeed the national problems described in that State of the Union speech—it’s all brick and mortar in the future Obama monument. Daniel Henninger – Click To Read More…

After attending an address by Jeb Bush at Saint leo College last night, I was reminded of Henniger’s remarks. Jeb spoke at some length, to a mixed crowd, about leadership in general and especially leadership in government and what it really is. His example was Lyndon Johnson. Johnson knew a thing or two about hard work, difficult miserable situations and yet still being able to move the ball forward to get what he wanted. His secret and the modus orperandi of politicians and presidents before him was earning the respect of the men and women you are asking the favors from. It worked well for the country and in spades for him. History might look on Obama more kindly if he learned this valuable lesson. – DSMW