Why Pakistan Produces Jihadists

Pakistan’s was carved out of the muslim majority area of India in 1947.  It’s national identify and heart are muslim.  Sadanand Duhme chronicles it’s violent nature starting with the genocide in Bangladesh through a plethora of terrorist names we know well. The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was the beginning of the Taliban.

“Pakistan’s history of pan-Islamism does not mean that all Pakistanis, much less everyone of Pakistani origin, hold extremist views. But it does explain why a larger percentage of Pakistanis than, say, Indonesians or Tunisians, are likely to see the world through the narrow prism of their faith.” – Sadanand Duhme – Wall Street Journal

DSMW – To truly solve this problem we must fundamentally change Pakistan.  This means its schools, not just the terrorist training camps, and inducing other languages and customs for a start.  Mr Duhme goes on to explain “If Pakistan is to be reformed, then the goal must be to replace its political and cultural DNA. Pan-Islamism has to give way to old-fashioned nationalism. An expansionist foreign policy needs to be canned in favor of development for the impoverished masses.”  Meet Greg Mortenson, Ameican peace promoter and school builder in Pakistan.  His book is Three cups of Tea.