Why Trump Terrifies the Establishment

ap_25335169601Remember “Bush Derangement Syndrome” when otherwise normal people become apoplectic at the very mention of George W. Bush or wore tee shirts with pictures of Bush photo-shopped to make him look moronic? Well, while a single robin may not portend spring I have nevertheless detected the first outcropping of its current manifestation. This is a truly bizarre analysis of a Donald Trump supporter in Dear Prudence, a four times a week advice column that appears in both the Washington Post and the on-line Slate. These are respectable, establishment outlets and let me confess that I am a devoted fan of the erudite and often funny author, Emily Yoffe. Obviously, there must be something about the Donald that makes otherwise sensible people deranged.

The advice-seeker, “Democrat daughter,” is worried about her late 50-ish mother’s sudden infatuation with Trump (“my man Donald”).  While Mom always shunned politics, she had now totally fallen for Donald, especially his anti-immigration message. To wit, though employed in a clinic catering to poor people, most of whom are Hispanic, she has become outspoken about illegals and anchor babies. Mom also spews these “hateful views” in public (and on social media) to anybody who would listen and “Democratic daughter” worries that the hatefulness might get her mother fired. What is this concerned daughter to do with her unexpectedly politicized mother?

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