Why We Lost The Middle East

Barack Obama is the  first Democratic president since JFK to assemble a foreign policy team entirely of intellectuals who policies are counter to American Exceptionalism and going it alone. Instead, the U.S. is obliged to move in concert with the rest of the world. In short, Obama works through international and multilateral organizations to achieve nothing.

While Obama’s view admits U.S. preeminence, he limits American power and authority. The administration’s policy, now implemented by his international team, is voiced in a 2008 “Strategic Leadership Framework For A 21st Century” document. Its finial summarizing sentence: “And such [U.S.] leadership recognizes that in a world in which power has diffused, our interests are best protected and advanced when others step up and at times lead alongside or even ahead of us.” This now is the State Department’s blueprint for international policy.

Without the U.S. leadership in the middle east we now are seeing the wheels spinning and coming off and ultimately, through the administrations hands off policy, America’s interest will not be served.

To Quote Libyan rebel commander Mohammed Abdullah in bombed-out Ajdabiya: “The hands of the international community are covered in blood.” But the “international community” was never much more than an academic abstraction, and blood, as always, can be washed off.