WikiLeaks Exposes White House’s Conscious Support of Islamists

The fact that the latest installment of WikiLeaks coincided with the Egyptian parliamentary elections is unfortunate timing for the U.S. It provides an unflattering portrait of a White House that sides with Islamists both in and out of power around the world. Seth Mandel is a foreign affairs writer based in Washington

Just when we thought we had forgotten all about the Muslim NASA outreach program not to mention Obama gushing to Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit about being muslim we now see via Wikileaks that, after all, Obama does have a soft spot in his heart for Islam.  Then, there was the time the president spoke out on behalf of the Ground Zero mosque developers forgetting about the victim’s families.  Really folks, the list goes on and on.  It’s really a tribute to the great heart of the American people that we keep trying to believe in this guy. At the end of the day we may just have to thank Julian Assange.