Will Mike Pence Be the Power Behind the Throne?

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 4.02.23 PMThe ignored importance of Trump’s VP pick.

As the curtain rises in Cleveland tonight, America will finally be properly introduced to Indiana governor Mike Pence, who, until now, is likely a mystery to non-Indianans who don’t follow politics closely.

Yet for all of his previous semi-obscurity, Governor Pence’s nomination for vice president may be one of surprising historical importance. While he has a hard time attracting attention when standing next to the media black hole that is Donald Trump, it’s still shocking how little coverage, relatively speaking, Governor Pence has gotten. Because if Donald Trump wins the White House (and his current numbers are better than Romney’s were against Obama at this time in the campaign), Governor Pence could wind up one of the most powerful and influential vice presidents in the history of the office. Not bad for someone who got the job, in many ways, because much of the GOP’s top political talent took themselves out of the running.

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