Will The Violence Ever End?

The anti-gun propaganda campaign begun by the Democrat-media complex seems to be having an impact, as liberals on Twitter called for the murder of NRA members and a repeal of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, Freedom Outpost reported Saturday.

“Murder every NRA member,” one person tweeted. The message was deleted, but not before being captured by Freedom Outpost.

“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?” asked “John Cobarruvias.”

“Someone should shoot this m*****f****r NRA President David Keene,” added “Michael Mayer.”

Once again we are faced with the horror of a maladjusted young man with access to guns. It’s been a long journey since August 1, 1966 when Charles Whitman, in the first mass killing, undertook his shooting spree in Austin Texas.

Armed with a rifle Whitman climbed the campus bell tower and for 96 minutes took aim and murdered 13 people, an unborn child and wounded 32 others as they walked to class. He was a flawed engineering student and former Marine  who, the night before, fought with his father after coming home drunk. The rest is history.

Our expectations about life are now gone. Shattered. The years since 1966 have brought us more killings with more amo. It’s not just a sniper’s rifle, it’s hand guns, it’s assault weapons, shotguns, semiautomatic handguns and machine guns. The list is endless. This type of armament, once in the hands of mobs, now is common fair in teen night clubs, our streets and sadly in our schools. The perp has now gone from being referred to as the glamorous and inviting term “shooter” from the more pedestrian “sniper.”

The victims have become first graders, teachers, principles, girlfriends, theater goers, all going about a usual day with a very sad and incompressible end. The numbers of murdered have increased, killed in more macabre twisted fantasies of the killers. Since the Texas killings in 1966 life in this country has become dangerous. We fear for ourselves, our families and friends. We search for answers and lash out, angry at the NRA and understandably gun owners.

The killers are all young men, (Under the age of 25 ) lost by some circumstance and disconnected to reality by mental illness, substance abuse, loneliness and broken families. Until we have a successful attempt to address Hollywood violence, violent computer games and all forms of alternate reality violence, we can kiss our youth goodbye. Stepped up gun laws or not, these kids will continue to murder and take our innocence with them.

We will have solved nothing and the killing will go on. – DSMW