You Think You’re Better Than Me?

UPDATE: Further proof we need better candidates.

Elitism. It has become synonymous with exclusion based upon class. While it does have that connotation, it also refers to the exceptional, as in, American exceptionalism. That has a nice ring to it, right? It is certainly more inclusive, but it is just as elitist from a geographical and ethnocentric perspective. We object to elitism if we’re not included, but it is just fine when we are invited to the party.

But in many aspects of our society we want the elite. We desperately we need the elite. Who is the better basketball player, Kobe Bryant or you? Who’s Special Theory Of Relativity is better, yours or Einstein’s? Whose kid is smarter or a better athlete, yours or mine?

Why then, do we shun the elite in the one one arena that actually matters; government?

Why on earth would you vote for a candidate based on the feeling that you could sit down and have a beer with them? Those running for higher office should be better than you or me. Smarter than us. More articulate. More levelheaded. Have more foresight. They should be the ideal to which we encourage children to aspire. The last thing they should be is common.

While we may all be equal as people, we are not all equally talented or suitable for everything. As much as I have played armchair President in my mind, I always wind up as a benevolent dictator to my imaginary constituents and genocidal tyrant to those that don’t agree with my vision of the world. But, hey, I am honest with myself. I could not, in good conscience, seek anyone’s endorsement.

If you are truly honest with yourself, you would not vote for someone like you. You would vote for someone better.