Your Photo ID Please

In a move long over due states have begun to require a photo ID at the voting booth to cut down on voter fraud. With the “Tea Party Spring” new Republican governors are leading state legislatures in voting to make it mandatory for personal photo ID’s to accompany voting registrations.

“If you can show a picture to buy Sudafed, if you can show a picture to get on an airplane, you should be able to show a picture…to vote,” Niki Haley Republican governor of South Carolina

Democrat groups are up in arms. The NAACP and other civil rights groups view this new move as a form of poll tax and will push to have these “discriminatory” laws repealed. Opponents argue that requiring a current driving license or other photo ID imposes too high a barrier for the poor and elderly who otherwise cannot find transportation to obtain these documents.

 The states that are enacting photo ID laws are Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma and Georgia. These states plan to make photo ID’s free of charge.