A Human Right To Babysit

Shalom, my friendly neighborhood Mark Steyn Club habibis! Welcome to yet another instalment of Laura’s Links, delivered by high falutin soooper seekrit technology to SteynOnline HQ straight from the Deranged Dominion of Canada. OK fine, we have some Mossad-trained Zionist carrier pigeons, but just keep it between us…

Silly me – I digress!

Onto the more important stuff: if you live anywhere in the northeastern part of America, or southeastern Ontario you might still see the smoke clouds hovering over Ice Station EIB in northern New Hampshire because Mark Steyn was on fire yesterday and today while guest hosting for Rush Limbaugh! Maybe Elizabeth Warren can decipher those smoke signals for us. Alternately, you can check out some of the highlights here. The Woke Bloke in Bespoke was tearing up the airwaves!

My local sources also tell me that a great many firemen were needed in the area. Handsome, dashing ones of course! An entire platoon! A brigade! A division! Sorry – where were we? Did it get hot in here or is it just me? Don’t answer that… Anyway, the point was? Ahh, yes. Links of interest from across the Interwebz over the past week. So let’s begin:


Jews and Israel:

A very cool Twitter thread about the rescue of Ethiopian Jewry.

Melanie Philips on the “dual loyalty” charge.

The perils of supporting Israel.

Encouraging! Muslims against anti-Semitism.

Fabulous: Katie Hopkins torches lefty Jew in denial about anti-Semitism. Katie! *waves* You’re right. Loved this. Those guys were cockwombles.

Rashida Tlaib’s long and gross history of anti-Semitism.

This next one is supposed to be a feel-good story and it is in a way. But you know what? I’ll offer an alternate view. Maybe we should chill out for now and celebrate when Muslim countries offer this same service to Jewish children. (I’ll wait…) That’s when I’ll really celebrate, and that’s when we will know that there is actually peace. Real peace. When we save each other’s children. When it’s routine for Muslim countries to save Jewish children’s hearts and not just when Jews save Muslim children.

Jewish New Year greetings from a New York Slimes writer: Crappy New Year!


North America:

Will Democrats actually do anything about the Jew-Hating Shrews of Congress? (Hint: no.)

All about the Joe Rogan experience.

Dangerous territory: Joe Biden’s brain surgeon defends Joe Biden’s brain (for real and not for joking).

Losing your identity to a fraudster. What a mess!

The great Kurt Schlichter on the people who think they are better than you and how they are actually way, way worse!

Trump Derangement Syndrome in action. Where has all the testosterone gone in America anyway? I’m feeling the soy pretty much excreting through the screen on this one.



Self-imposed sharia for your own good etc…


The Kooky and Humourless Left plus Trans:

Scholastic wants to indoctrinate your children with identity politics.

Single dad faces human rights complaint because of a babysitter! Another disgusting episode of the “human rights” racket in Canada.

The international and American media is much more curious about this story than the Canadian media. Imagine my surprise.

When adults pursue transgendered parenting, children suffer.

Compelled speech is evil.

Ho hum-perfectly normal, perfectly healthy…. A six foot tall, transgender rugby player folds regular female players “like deck chairs”. Nothing to see here! STOP NOTICING.

Alleged adults in America refuse to admit that “Drag Queen Story Hour” is a disgusting, dangerous, reckless, corrupt and abusive idea that purposely endangers young children.


Human Grace:

A Canadian soldier’s WWII backpack is back home in Quebec via Italy. Rest in peace.

A 99-year old American veteran finally is given his medals.

MLB star Yasiel Puig visits sick kids at Camp Simcha on his day off, and calls it the best day of his life.

Superkids with bionic arms haven’t got a single ounce of pity in them. So why would you?

TTC bus drivers in Toronto stopped at a local lemonade stand and bought drinks and cookies for their passengers.

Lastly, if you are having a bad day, then you clearly need to watch a millipede dancing to some of the most awesome songs ever. You’re welcome!

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