A Se’nnight of Steyn, July 29-August 4

The happiest of birthdays to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex today. To those of our readers in California, hope you’re having a blessed Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month, which evidently is a thing some years.

Here’s how the last week looked at SteynOnline.

~Mark kicked off the week with a column on Boris Johnson’s unlikely rise to the United Kingdom’s premiership.

~On Tuesday, we shared an excerpt from Steyn’s After America about millennials – adults, to be clear – increasingly relying on their parents to cover basic living expenses. The excerpt clearly struck a nerve, as this was the week’s most commented-on post.

~Wednesday brought us the latest edition of Laura Rosen Cohen’s new feature, Laura’s Links. This week, we got a free speech victory against Big Tech and a creepily cute wedding photobomb.

~The Saudi royal decree allowing women the right to travel without a male chaperone gave Mark the opportunity share his thoughts on Saudi Arabia from a couple of years back, when one of the thousands of Saudi princes died.

~Guest Mark at the Movies columnist Kathy Shaidle took on the 1960s chick flick Valley of the Dolls on Saturday, writing of the Sharon Tate flick that ended up remaining quite timely.

~All through the week, Mark’s latest nightly serialization of Three Men in a Boat continued. We’re up to part 9 of this newest Tale for our Time: stay tuned for part 10 this evening. Mark Steyn Club members can catch up by heading on over to our re-designed Tales homepage.

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