A Se’nnight of Steyn, March 25-31

Happy Mothering Sunday to the many mummies, mams and maters among our readers in the Mother Country and various parts of the Commonwealth. In case you missed it, here’s how the last seven days looked to Mark:

~The week began with Steyn facing a rough few days ahead and in the mood for an especially beautiful piece of music.

~Mark’s Monday Notebook considered cover-ups in Washington and Christchurch: it was our most-read piece of the week.

~In one of the week’s more startling developments, Michael Avenatti, the putative Democrat presidential candidate to CNN and Creepy Porn Lawyer to Stormy Daniels, was arrested for extortion. Steyn and Tucker Carlson tried hard not to gloat. Click below to watch:

~On Wednesday’s encore presentation of The Mark Steyn Show, Douglas Murray joined Mark to analyze the existential crisis of the west:

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~On Thursday, with the bovine flatulence of the Green New Deal perfuming the air, Mark took a stroll down memory lane to the heyday of the climate apocalypse:

~The big presidential news of the week was the first post-Mueller Trump rally. Steyn and Tucker Carlson watched it live and then offered a few thoughts.

~For Saturday’s Earth Hour, Mark got lit up. Later, our weekend movie date found Leslie Nielsen on ice with a bandaged hand.

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A new week at SteynOnline begins tonight with our Song of the Week.