A Se’nnight of Steyn, May 13-19

It was a busy week, starting with the death of Doris Day, proceeding through the pardon of Conrad Black and the launch of De Blasio 2020, and ending with a Dutch triumph at Eurovision and the victory of Scott Morrison Down Under, about which Steyn will have more to say in the coming days. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here’s how the last seven days looked to Mark:

~The week began with Steyn marking the centenary of “America’s best loved Commie“, and telling the convoluted story of “his” biggest hit, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight“.

~On Monday Doris Day died and Mark remembered their conversation on pooches and pictures: It was our most read piece of the week. Later that day he joined Tucker Carlson to consider Alyssa Milano’s celebrity sex strike and that he knew Bette Midler before she was a virgin. Click below to watch:

~Tuesday’s brand new edition of The Mark Steyn Show presented the first part of Mark’s in-depth interview with Deep State Target George Papadopoulos:

Part Two of Steyn’s Papadopoulos interview will air on Tuesday.

~On Wednesday Mark hosted another Clubland Q&A taking questions live from Mark Steyn Club members around the planet on the attempted Deep State coup against Trump, plus Brexit and Tommy Robinson and much more. You can listen to the full show here.

~On Thursday Steyn and Tucker Carlson pondered the latest Democrat to enter the presidential primary. He did it to Staten Island Chuck, he can do it to America.

~On Friday Mark returned to the pages of The National Post to celebrate the pardon of Conrad Black and bemoan the corrupt and depraved US federal justice system. Elsewhere in the Post they seemed under the impression that he’d been fired from America’s Number One radio show. If so, no one told Steyn, and he’ll be back behind the Golden EIB Microphone tomorrow, Monday, at 12 noon Eastern/9am Pacific.

~Our weekend diversions included Mark’s appreciation of Doris Day on screen, and two Tales for Our Times audio specials to celebrate the series’ second birthday – the first sampling some of Steyn’s serializations of Conan Doyle, H G Wells, Jack London, Joseph Conrad, Scott Fitzgerald and more; and the second sampling some of the accompanying music by Elgar, Mahler, Brahms, Mussorgsky and more.

Tales for Our Time is made with the support of The Mark Steyn Club. If you’ve a friend who’s a fan of classic fiction in audio, we hope you’ll consider sending him or her a special Gift Membership: They’ll get to enjoy not only Mark’s audio archive, all easily accessible from our brand new Netflix-style Tales for Our Time home page, but also his latest tale, which launches this coming Friday.

On this second birthday of The Mark Steyn Club, we’re delighted by all those who’ve decided to hop aboard for our third year. Brandon, a Florida Club member, says:

Congratulations on the success of the club! Thank you for all of the great content!!

My pleasure, Brandon. And Pauline, a Steyn Clubber from Scotland, adds:

Thanks Mark for a great two years of info and humour.

To mark our second birthday, our Second Annual Mark Steyn Club Cruise has sold out, but, if you’d like to be waitlisted in case a cabin opens up, please email our excellent cruise manager. If you’re one of our many European readers, we’ll be announcing details of our first Mediterranean cruise in the next few days.

A new week at SteynOnline begins this evening with a special live-performance edition of our Song of the Week and continues with Mark’s Monday guest-hosting stint on America’s Number One radio show and Part Two of his interview with George Papadopoulos.