A Se’nnight of Steyn, May 4-10

ImageHappy Mother’s Day to all the moms, mums, mams and maters among our readers. Mark has some songs for the season.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here’s how the last seven socially distant self-isolated mandatory-quarantined sequestered-without-end days looked to Steyn:

~The week began with Mark musically celebrating happy sweet sequester’d days.

~Monday’s edition of The Mark Steyn Show offered a Coronacopia of news and comment, plus a surefire Joe Biden talking point, Your Monday Mohammed, another Brit Wanker Copper, and pandemics Putin-style. You can hear the full show here.

The Mark Steyn Show is made with the support of members of The Mark Steyn Club. For more on the Club, see here.

~On Tuesday Laura’s Links rounded up the Internet from Ontario’s revolting “yahoos” to Bill DeBlasio’s fear of Jews.

~Wednesday marked the start of The Mark Steyn Club’s fourth year. We thank all those First Week Founding Members from three Mays ago who’ve decided to sign up for another twelve months – and, although our jubilations were somewhat lockdown-muted, we observed the occasion with a special edition of The Mark Steyn Show and a modest modification for those who’d like to receive the show and Tales for Our Time in a more phone/car-friendly format. For more on the Steyn Club, see below.

~On Thursday Mark reported on a significant development in the eight-year Mann vs Steyn case …but will the hockey-stick climate mullah comply with the Court’s order?

~Friday’s Mark Steyn Show noted the 75th anniversary of VE Day and the latest developments in United States vs Flynn, but also found time for a poem for Mother’s Day and a punk-ska-rap-Latin-Europop finale. You can hear the full show here.

~On Saturday Mark conducted a third-birthday edition of our Clubland Q&A, taking questions from Mark Steyn Club members live around the planet. Well, not quite live… The shape of a post-lockdown world predominated, but Joe, Justin, Sweden and social habits were also discussed.

For our weekend movie date, what with everyone so mad as hell, Kathy Shaidle decided to rewatch Network.

On this third birthday of The Mark Steyn Club, we’re delighted by all those who’ve decided to hop aboard for our fourth year. Bryan Hewson, a First Weekend Founding Member from Northumberland, says:

Keep up the great work, Mr Steyn. Travel safe.

Thank you, Bryan. Mark is itching to travel at all, safe or unsafe. And Toronto member Deborah McKenzie writes:

I am honoured to share my birthday with your club! The sixth of May is a glorious day! I treated my brother, Donald, to a gift membership on his birthday again this year – even though his birthday falls on the seventh of May.

Happy birthday to you and Donald, Deborah. We’re glad to have both of you aboard, and likewise honored to share the special day.

A new week at SteynOnline begins tonight with our Song of the Week.

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