A Se’nnight of Steyn, September 16-22

A happy last day of summer to SteynOnline’s readers in the northern hemisphere. (While we’re well-wishing, happy Resistance Fighting Day to our Estonian Mark Steyn Club members. While we don’t know what the fall will bring for you, may it be delightful in its pumpkin-spiced glory.

In any case, it’s been a busy week here at SteynOnline – here’s now the last seven days looked for Steyn:

~Kicking things off for the week, Mark’s Monday Notebook looked at the distorted priorities of ICE – specifically the agency’s pride in seizing a few thousand bucks worth of NFL merchandise while illegal immigrants traipse across the border.

~Mark kept his regular Monday date with Tucker, talking about Joe Biden’s “Corn Pop” story, which, as Mark noted, sounded like “a Biden parody of a Steyn parody of a Biden anecdote.”

~On Tuesday, Mark penned a hearty read about Michael Mann and his futile attempts to spin his loss in the British Columbia Supreme Court a couple of weeks ago.

~Laura Rosen Cohen returned with her popular and rapid-fire Laura’s Links on Thursday, sharing some thoughts on the recent Mark Steyn Cruise to Alaska and bringing us more information than we wanted about Caitlyn Jenner’s penis, not to mention stories about a free speech victory and European anti-Semitism, among others.

~Friday brought us a new edition of Mark’s Mailbox, which took on a decidedly judicial theme. In it, Mark took questions on miscarriages of justice from the United States to the United Kingdom to Australia.

~As we welcomed the weekend, Mark reflected on North By Northwest on the film’s 60th anniversary.

A new week continues tonight with Steyn’s Song of the Week.