Amazon Web Services Outage Takes Down Major Sites Including Roku, Flickr


Amazon Web Services, the e-commerce giant’s cloud service, has been hit with an outage that has disrupted large portions of the web including platforms like Roku, Flickr and Spotify-owned podcast service Anchor, among many others.

View Of Amazon Logistics Center

The outage has impacted a large number of online services.

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Key Facts

Grocery delivery service Shipt, robot vaccuum cleaner Roomba and the New York City Subway have also blamed disruptions on their apps and services to the outage.

Amazon said in a status update that its services are currently impaired due to issues at its Northern Virginia based “US-EAST-1 Region” servers.

Crowdsourced data on show the outage is also causing problems with Amazon’s e-commerce site and many of its services like Prime music.

The serverity of the outage has even affected Amazon Web Services’ health dashboard, preventing the company to update the current status of its servers.

Key Background

A similar outage in 2017, had also disrupted large swathes of the internet including sites like Trello, Quora, IFFTT along with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. According to a report by analyst firm Canalys Amazon Web Services is the dominant player in the cloud computing in the world with a market share of 32% in Q3 2020. Amazon’s closest competitors Microsoft, Google and Alibaba only hold a combined 28% of the market share. This means that any outage at Amazon can have a cascading impact on large swathes of the internet.

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