An Intersectional Downton Abbey

If you missed our livestream Clubland Q&A on Friday afternoon, here’s the action replay. Simply click above and settle back for an hour of my answers to questions from Mark Steyn Club members around the planet. In this latest edition, I took some follow-ups on topics touched on earlier in the week – including whether America’s “cold civil war” is turning hot and what to do about British Columbia’s most litigious pseudo-tranny. But we also considered declining life expectancy among white males in the US; who should be lowering whose flag at the Brexit ceremony; and whether Canada’s Maxime Bernier should have a seat at the debate table. All that plus Victoria’s non-binary Secret, Rosanna Arquette’s unbearable whiteness, the search for a short Trollope, and more on the Downton Abbification of leftist precedence.

I’ll pick up some of the questions we didn’t get to in the next edition of Mark’s Mailbox. Meanwhile, if you’re one of that small, brave band who prefer me in vision, next week it’s nothing but – starting with a Monday morning call on “Fox & Friends” and later that day …well, I’ll let Newsweek explain it:

While Tucker Carlson is on vacation, three Fox News “favorites,” as Carlson characterized them, will take over responsibility for hosting his nightly news show, Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Carlson drew criticism Tuesday for claiming that white supremacy was a “hoax” and “conspiracy theory” being used to divide the country. The next day, he announced he was taking a vacation that was planned before the controversial comments were made.

“I am taking several days off, headed to the wilderness to fish with my son, catch some brook trout,” Carlson told Tucker Carlson Tonight viewers. “Politics is important—fishing with your son, sometimes more important. So I’m doing it…”

Steyn, the best-selling author of America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It, has appeared on Carlson’s show numerous times and was a guest on Thursday’s episode when Kilmeade was guest-hosting.

Join me for a full hour of “favorite”-in-scare-quotes guest-hosting starting Monday live across America at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.

Thank you to Mark Steyn Club members for some particularly fine questions on this Q&A. I look forward to meeting many of you (and taking your questions live) on our second annual Mark Steyn Club Cruise in September, or maybe our third next year. But, if you’re not yet a member and you’re minded to consider signing up, you can find out more info here – and don’t forget, for any Steyn fans among your loved ones, there’s always our special Gift Membership.