Another Reason to End the Fed

In his first press conference as chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke discussed rising gasoline prices, blaming higher demand from emerging economies and Mideast oil-supply disruptions as the cause of the zooming prices. Bernanke did not mention the US government’s role in the higher energy prices, and he explicitly absolved the Federal Reserve of any blame.

Bernanke’s deceitfulness is appalling, although not unexpected. He knows that Federal Reserve monetary policy plays a significant role in gasoline prices. Mark Brandy – Mises Institute

If you are not familiar with the Ludwig Von Mises Institute we encourage you to visit their web page. The monetary policy of this country is the number one issue the U.S. faces today and the information you will gleam from their columns and book selections will change your thinking forever. The Austrian School of Economics has been the number one searched website since the Keysean approach the administration has taken over the past two years has proved to be an utter failure. – DSMW