Any sense of decency is long past.

111104110514-anonymous-protester-occupy-london-horizontal-large-galleryDemocrats liked secret-stealing Russians so much better when they called themselves Communists.

Alger Hiss’s Bokhara rug, 1929 Ford Roadster, Woodstock typewriter, fondness for prothonotary warblers, and papers in Whittaker Chambers’ pumpkin never quite shook the faith of the liberal faithful in the Harvard law grad’s innocence of espionage. Such Sputnik-high evidentiary standards evidently no longer apply.

Fred Kaplan states as fact at Slate that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee to help Donald Trump win the presidency. Then he presents as evidence that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange once hosted a show on RT (formerly Russia Today) and Trump occasionally receives financing from Russian investors. Kaplan contends that “evidence of Russian involvement is fairly clear,” citing that “the hackers’s work hours aligned with Moscow’s time zone, operations ceased on Russian holidays, their techniques carried signatures common to other Russian hacks, and their targets were of clear interest to Moscow.”

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