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Freedom’s Dire Prognosis

Laura Rosen Cohen on the attack on Sir Salman Rushdie and the dismal state of free speech, bad advice from "Doctor" Jill Biden, and the incoming bug diet... ...

Ashley Tisdale Recreates High School Musical’s “I Want It All” With TikToker Chris Olsen

This dynamic duo just bopped to the top of our For You page. Ashley Tisdale and TikToker Chris Olsen teamed up to make an iconic TikTok using the audio from High School Musical 3's... ...

Eva Mendes Shares the Sweet Way She Keeps Ryan Gosling Close to Her Heart

You don't need to look beyond the pines to see Eva Mendes' love for Ryan Gosling. On Aug. 18, the actress gave fans a glimpse into her romance with the La La Land star--with whom... ...