Barbarians at the Gate

I recently read that one reason for the fall of Rome was the ambitious road building of the Romans. The roads were great for trade and moving Roman armies about,  but it also had the unintended consequence of providing a highway  for the barbarians to reach Rome over time with relative ease. This is my concern about immigration and this country.

I have linked to several articles one by Andrew McCarthy from NRO on the new immigration law and another written buy Alex Nowresth from The Wall Street Journal.  By now, anyone who cares about this issue has pretty much heard the details of Susan Bolton’s ruling.  Andrew McCarthy’s reaction is comfortably conservative, insightful and brilliant.   Mr. Nowresth, on the other hand, is a proponent of open borders.  He feels people should be allowed to come and go except for criminals, terrorist and sick people.  I have also linked to another and more troubling piece by Jose’ Cordoba on the Mexican drug cartels and the increase in the number of mass murders.  Seventeen people were murdered at a late night party and another 8 killed in the last two months along with kidnappings too brutal to imagine. These brutal slayings have been happening along the northern Mexico – U. S. borders.  McCarthy and Nowresth both have interesting and relevant points,  but the real story belongs to Mr. Cordoba.

Obama and the Democrats’ long range plan is to ultimately get illegals to vote their way.  Why else would a party work so tireless to in snarl this country in what will be a sorry outcome for its citizens.  It’s a huge price for the U. S. to pay if the end game is for Obama to get votes.