Bedbug Journalism

Ahoy and welcome to Laura’ Links, pre-Mark Steyn Cruise version!

It has been a real pleasure and honour holding down the SteynOnline fort in part over the summer, and especially now as Mark preps for the second annual Steyn At Sea Cruise: Alaska edition. As you know, Mark is an artist that never rests. However, he is obliged to somewhat rest his pipes and his typing/jazz hands in advance of the cruise, but has made some time to write some new bits for his perfect Joe Biden impression.

My sources tell me that Mark has also been asked to do a special guest appearance at a lumberjack show in Alaska, so he’s had to spend many sweaty hours (!!!!) cutting down trees with his bare hands and frolicking (Editor’s Note: It was really more like a gambol) about on logs in and around various freshwater lakes in northern New Hampshire for practice.

But for our purposes here, this week, as always, the internet was full of zany, gross and heartwarming stories. So, let’s take a stroll through some of them together!


North America:

A little more on bedbug journalism.

What “GOOP” really sells to women (hint: HOOEY).

What THIS GUY SAYS. People make mistakes. We are living in a culture of confession and repentance without any possibility of forgiveness or redemption. Nuts to that.


Down Under:

New police recruits will no longer have to pass fitness tests. What could possibly go wrong?



Why are sheep in Europe being barbarically slaughtered? A REAL MYSTERY!

BoJo needs to deliver the will of the people. Amen.


Israel, Middle East, Jews:

These Iranian women are so brave, and Western feminists are so shamefully mute on this. They are willing to risk their lives, to martyr themselves for freedom. One can only infer from the utter silence of Western feminists that they comply with the mindset and tyranny of the Iranian regime and its revolting misogyny. Picture my surprised face. Kudos to Natasha Fatah for covering this story.

A short history of the Hebron riots of 1929.

Jews are good at many things, but I’m glad we suck at genocide.

Spengler: Trump is almost right about disloyal self-hating Jews.

Why does nobody care about the violence against Orthodox Jews?

In Israel, a teenage girl’s murder sheds light on what loyal and disloyal mean.

To European leaders, Jewish flesh is cheap.

The Democratic party is becoming unmanageable.


The Humorless, Kooky Left, plus Trans:

In America, the state indoctrinates your children whether you like it or not.


Human Grace:

Using 3D printing to give kids new hands.

An ice cream shop owner in Dallas creates something uniquely sweet.

Cuddlers wanted in North Carolina.

Meet a local Utah symphony conductor.

Have a great week, one and all!

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