Biden polling against Trump collapses during pandemic

A new poll from Fox News shows support for presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden collapsing against that of President Donald Trump during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Fox News poll published Thursday showed that Trump and Biden are now tied with 42% each.

Biden had previously had 9 percentage points greater support than the president in the same polling from two weeks prior, with 49% to 40%, respectively.

Another 16% said they were undecided or would vote for a third party candidate.

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The poll surveyed registered voters between April 4 and April 7, and carried an error margin of +/- 3%.

In November, Biden was beating Trump by 12% in the same polling.

“A global pandemic and Trump’s daily press conferences appear to have revved up Republicans and quieted Democratic voters,” said Republican Daron Shaw, who conducted the Fox News poll.

On Thursday, Biden claimed that the coronavirus pandemic had helped his campaign. The Fox News poll showed that he lost most support from women, and from non-whites. He also appeared to lose some support from those identifying as Democrats.

The primary landscape for Democrats changed drastically in the period after the poll was taken when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) dropped out of the race and many of his supporters said they would refuse to support the Democratic party.

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