Biden wants to put Beto in charge of gun control?

Last night, Allahpundit speculated that if Biden had cut a deal with Pete Buttigieg to get him to step aside before today’s cascade of delegates being awarded, it would probably involve making him the head of Housing and Urban Development. In terms of the way business normally gets done in the swamp, that’s not a bad bet. After all, it’s the department where you can stick almost anyone and they won’t wind up doing too much damage even if they majorly mess up.

But what about Beto O’Rourke? For some reason, he was on the stage last night endorsing Uncle Joe as well. Does he get some sort of consolation prize for hopping on the “moderate” bandwagon and helping to defeat Bernie Sanders? When the Big Reveal arrived last night, Biden offered a hint as to what the future may hold for the failed Senate and presidential candidate. O’Rourke will “take care of the gun problem” in the country. (Via Twitter)

What does that even mean? Gun control is a law enforcement issue. Could Biden actually be considering putting O’Rourke in as Attorney General? Looking over his resume, you will find that Beto has just about the least qualifications imaginable for such a position. He was an English major in college and worked a series of what were basically odd jobs before becoming a perennial candidate for public office. Even in Congress, none of the committees he sat on had anything to do with gun control or any other law enforcement activities. In reality, the sum total of O’Rourke’s involvement with the law was being arrested for burglary and fleeing the scene of his DUI accident.

So assuming Biden hasn’t gone completely around the bend, where else could he stick O’Rourke that would have anything to do with gun control? Homeland Security or somewhere else in the Justice Department? Again… totally unqualified.

I suppose Biden could be imagining the creation of some sort of “Gun Control Czar” position. Obama was big on creating czars for everything under the sun. It would be a meaningless role for the most part, but it would keep O’Rourke’s hand in the game for at least four years and provide him with a steady paycheck.

Just in case that was to happen, here’s a short walk down memory lane demonstrating how committed Beto was to confiscating guns, even from those who are unwilling to comply.

On the eve of Super Tuesday, Joe Biden declared his support for the guy who promised to have law enforcement officials going door to door and confiscating any weapons that he didn’t personally approve of. That’s pretty far afield from Biden’s previous, more “moderate” policies, including telling people to go out on their porch and fire shotguns in the air. Let’s all keep this particular incident in mind as the clown car rolls down the road toward election day.

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