Boxer on the Ropes

Just ahead of the latest episode of our nightly audio adventure for members of The Mark Steyn Club, a quick reminder of today’s combined Steyn Show/Clubland Q&A, which you can hear in full here.

As our serialization of Animal Farm rattles toward its climax, Steyn Clubber Richard Woodruff, a First Week Founding Member, writes from North Carolina:

Thanks, Mark, terrific read.

As the top pigs and dogs grab more and more privileges, I was reminded of a story in the L.A. Times back in the 80s that casually mentioned that Mikhail Gorbachev wore a Rolex watch.

That wasn’t what the story was about, this fact was just mentioned in passing, but surely this ties in with Orwell. Did Gorbachev really think owning a Rolex was part of the great Socialist march forward? What a hoot.

Indeed, Richard. Of course, in such a society who ultimately pays for Gorbachev’s Rolex – or, in tonight’s episode, Napoleon’s case of whisky? I always find this chapter the most moving – and the cynicism of the regime the most contemptible. I only hope I’ve done it justice. In Part Eleven of our tale, Boxer, Orwell’s equine embodiment of the Russian working class, discovers very belatedly that his loyalty to Napoleon is not reciprocated:

A cry of horror burst from all the animals. At this moment the man on the box whipped up his horses and the van moved out of the yard at a smart trot. All the animals followed, crying out at the tops of their voices. Clover forced her way to the front. The van began to gather speed. Clover tried to stir her stout limbs to a gallop, and achieved a canter. “Boxer!” she cried. “Boxer! Boxer! Boxer!” And just at this moment, as though he had heard the uproar outside, Boxer’s face, with the white stripe down his nose, appeared at the small window at the back of the van.

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