Boxing Day Hairballs

Programming note: Tonight, Friday, I’ll be back for a full hour of post-Boxing Day guest-hosting on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, live across America at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific, with a rerun at 12 midnight Eastern. If you’re in the presence of the receiving apparatus, I hope you’ll tune in.

On the Boxing Day show itself, we ran the gamut from the geezer showdown of the Democrat primary to the candidate who got away – everyone’s favorite Creepy Porn Lawyer.

First up was the state of play of the suddenly lethargic Trump impeachment. Click below to watch:

Congressman Matt Gaetz from the House Judiciary Committee weighed in:

“Nancy Pelosi appears to be limping through the back nine of the delivering of the articles of impeachment,” Gaetz joked. “I think for the regular folks in this country it’s quite interesting to see an impeachment with, first, no crime and a victim, but now, no transmission of the articles themselves.

“Listening to that montage you had of the mainstream media giving Nancy Pelosi a proverbial cat bath, it just reminds me that the rest of us end up stuck with the hairball.”

Jason Nichols from the University of Maryland was next. Last time we were on air together, he was all excited about Cory Booker and Kamala Harris; now the only candidates with any traction are the despised “old white males”. Jason gave it his best shot:

Part of this is about consistency, and who has been the same their entire careers? I think — I was excited, at one point, but Kamala Harris. One of the things you saw about her, besides running a poor campaign, was the fact that she seemed to, you know, assert certain things, and later on, she would have to walk it back. She couldn’t decide what lane she is in. Biden has been in the same lane his entire career, as has Bernie Sanders, and I think that is their strength.

But what difference does it make in a fascist country like America? John Daniel Davidson and I chewed over AOC’s recent remarks:

Steyn went on to argue that a sitting member of Congress referring to the United States as “fascist” represented a dramatic shift in American political discourse. “She also said, which I thought was actually as striking, that ‘Americans shouldn’t settle for just being 10% better than garbage.’ Which, again, would be — just a few years ago, would have been an unusual thing for anybody to say about the country they represent in the national legislature,” he added.

Here’s the video:

Next up were Christopher Rufo and Rafael Mangual, addressing the wretched state of Democrat-run cities in California and Maryland. We’ll link to those if they’re posted. Meanwhile, here’s Robby Soave addressing the vital question of whether it’s worse for US presidential candidates to use Canadians or jailbirds to make their campaign calls:

I was rather envious that the next segment fell to Tucker rather than yours truly. He spoke with Don McLean, singer-songwriter of “American Pie” …and TCT viewer:

At the end of the segment, I mentioned how much I liked Fred Astaire’s recording of “Wonderful Baby”, produced by my old friend Ken Barnes. But I ought to put in a word too for Don McLean’s unusual taste in other people’s songs: he made a memorable record of Percy French’s whimsical 19th century Irish ballad “The Mountains of Mourne” and of Ivor Novello and Dion Titheradge’s droll 1920s London revue song “And Her Mother Came Too”. You can hear the latter here.

Finally, the latest travails of the best president we never had – CNN’s beloved Creepy Porn Lawyer. Chadwick Moore brought us up to speed on CPL’s latest legal woes:

Thanks to all who tuned in: We very much appreciate it. You can watch the full edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” here – and don’t forget, I’ll be back tonight, live at 8pm Eastern.

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