Brett Favre denies taking $1.1 million for no-show work in Mississippi

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre on Friday denied that he received over $1 million for Mississippi speaking engagements he did not attend.

A report from the Mississippi state auditor earlier this week said Favre’s company was paid $1.1 million total in 2017 and 2018 for appearances, promotions, autographs and speeches that he didn’t attend.  

But on ESPN Wisconsin’s “Wilde & Tausch” radio show, the former Green Bay Packers quarterback said he was paid for recording public service announcements and commercials that ran in his native Mississippi. 

“I did ads that ran for three years, was paid for it, no different than any other time that I’ve done endorsements for other people, and I went about my way,” Favre said on the radio show. “For (the auditor) to say I took $1.1 million and didn’t show up for speaking engagements is absolutely, 100 percent not true.’’

Favre added that he is repaying the money, starting with $500,000 he sent to the state on Wednesday with the remainder to be paid in installments. 

According to the auditor’s report, Favre was supposed to make speeches for at least three events but “upon a cursory review of those dates, auditors were able to determine that the individual contracted did not speak, nor was he present for those events.”

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Favre called those allegations “ridiculous.”

“I, in no way, did anything wrong … or (took) any money. I have never no-showed anyone in regards to speaking engagements, or commercials or anything of that nature,” he said.

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