Can’t a Gal Still Gawk at Firemen?

Hello again and welcome to another edition of Laura’s Links! It was another busy week for me, but even more so for my gracious host, the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH (Pocket squares Be Upon Him), long may he prosper.

Over the past week, Mark had his regular biweekly conversation with John Oakley, did an insanely funny spot with Tucker Carlson and shared another lovely musical treat with us. And, as it’s still early in the week, I’m sure Mark is building up a sweat (! ! ! ), lovingly tending to his flocks and carefully pruning the virgin spring content at his vast Macedonian Content Farm. He assures me that he will be sharing bales and bales of fresh, organic Fair Trade Macedonian Content with us throughout the rest of the week.

I’m delighted to report that it was a very rough week for both of the Jewish Democratic presidential candidates. Mini Mike got scalped in a recent debate by the fake Cherokee. And commie kook Bernie – the Jew-hating Jew, the socialist Jew for Jihad who flies first class – keeps digging deeper. By the way, I’m still trying to understand why Russians and Putin, i.e the former KGB guy, rigging the election for Donald Trump is bad and impeachable and stuff, but Bernie’s love affair with and dedication to communism of all flavours is good. If you figure this out, please drop me a note in the comments.

Earlier this week, I ran into an acquaintance at a local synagogue. She said that she doesn’t agree with me all the time, but she is a fan of this column. I told her then, and I’ll say it now that I’m really glad she likes it, and am also glad she doesn’t agree with me all the time. Variety and diversity of opinion is the spice of life. And for real and not for joking, if anyone except me agreed with me all the time, I’d be seriously concerned about them. Even the thought of it! Picture my face!

The idea behind each batch of links is to give you a broad view of trends and stories from the news and popular culture, and for Mark Steyn Club members to chime in as they please. It’s a weekly slice of internet life, with absolutely no obligation to agree with me. As always, we have much ground to cover. So let’s get started!


North America:

This is your city on Democrat “leadership”. New York is a dangerous mess. A lawless, dangerous place.

Los Angeles, of course, is not much better.

When will it end?

“So G-d made a Bloomberg.”

News from other parts of America: a black pastor talks about “wokeness” and Planned Parenthood; a Democrat of 20 years attends a Trump rally.

Kurt Schlichter suggests burning down the DOJ and starting over.

Gun advocates plan to sue Rockland County for denying concealed carry permits.

Woman brings her “service horse” onto first class cabin on her flight.

Timeline of the destruction of the Boy Scouts of America. Terribly sad.

Criminals should not be allowed to choose their gender.

Reaching peak progressive: Are we there yet?

St. Catherines, Ontario government busybodies ban hot fireman calendar. The Fun Police never rest. Athletic, brave, manly men are too sexy for St. Catherines’ betters in government. Ladies and gay readers, you’re welcome!

Looks like Ilhan Omar did marry her brother. Nothing to see here!


Israel and Jews:

Will 30,000 French Jews arrive in Israel this year? Frankly, they should all be considering a move.

Syrian journalist: Jews make miracles out of the impossible.


Formerly Great Britain:

It didn’t take long for Harry and Meghan to prove they are hypocrites.

The Queen bans Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from using the “Sussex Royal” brand.

Seven rapists with no common denominator convicted in Huddersfield.

NHS may withhold medical treatment from ideological enemies of the state.

In London, a new play by Tom Stoppard is ‘a heartrending act of revelation’.

Meet Her Majesty’s Royal and Loyal LGBTQ Urinary and Bowel Movement Mutawa. More thoughts here.


Today in Satan:

China’s communist government is the living embodiment of 1984.

Coronavirus devastates the world, sex toy industry hardest hit.



OMG! As my dear friend Kathy Shaidle would say “How Does He Walk”?

As mentioned in Mark’s latest Clubland Q&A: Dutch museum debates censoring Degas to avoid offending Muslims.

From the very interesting and talented Anne-Elizabeth Moutet: How France became the most anti-Semitic country in the West.



Great news! Arabic is the most spoken language in Swedish pre-schools.


Humourless and Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

The most evil child abuse of our generation continues unabated. It’s an absolute horror.

Lesbian YouTube star attacked by trans community for insisting it’s not “transphobic” for lesbians not to be attracted to males. Soon it will be illegal not to be attracted to someone and/or bang them. Breaking news on this: Arielle Scarcella leaves the progressive left. Wow.

What happens when you’re “cancelled“. A devastating first-person account. Absolutely devastating.

Lastly, “Twatter” claims another scalp.


Human Grace:

Mensch alert.

German stem cell donor meets the British child she saved.

American soldiers sing incredible a cappella version of Amazing Grace.

Way to go, Groot! Good boy!

Baby sees mommy for the first time.

Tim Tebow would rather be known for saving babies than winning the Super Bowl.

Enjoy your week and now off you go to comment!

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