Nano packages for anti-cancer drug delivery

Cancer stem cells are resistant to chemotherapy and consequently tend to remain in the body even after a course of treatment has finished, where they can often trigger cancer recurrence or metastasis. A new study by researchers from the A*STAR Institut...

New rural struggles in platinum areas

The rise in platinum mining by major mining companies in formerly densely populated rural areas has ushered a new wave of rural struggles with rural communities fighting for self-determination and land control. These struggles are captured in a Working...

The first space walk happened 50 years ago, and nearly ended in disaster

It is 50 years since humans first encountered space – not Sputnik's first orbit, nor Yuri Gagarin's first spaceflight – but the first time a crew member stepped out from their spacecraft's relative protection and immersed themselves in the cold, hostile emptiness of the vacuum.

Windows 10 coming in 190 countries, 111 languages

Microsoft says its new Windows 10 operating system will be coming "this summer" in 190 countries and 111 languages.

Green and red auroras light up St. Patrick’s day dawn

A strong G3 geomagetic storm surged across the planet this morning producing a spectacular display of the northern lights. Some of you may who may have risen to see the new nova were no doubt as surprised as the NOAA space weather folks, whose overnigh...

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What the Left and the Right Get Wrong about Liberalism  

America owes much to Christianity. Liberalism arose as a Christian response to the failures of Christendom. Source: What the Left and the Right Get Wrong...

Parents Upset As Schools Force Mandatory Quarantines 

Some parents told the Daily Caller that their children are forced to undergo mandatory quarantines with no virtual learning options. Source: Parents Upset As Schools...

Snerdley on Rittenhouse

The Mark Steyn Show can now be seen every Friday on GB News. We had breaking news from the Rittenhouse trial at the top of the show - and the perfect man to discuss it in our finale, my old Rush chum James ("Mr Snerdley") Golden. Other topics on today's ...