Checks And Balances

The most sanctified non-lethal, non-violent weapon, used against anyone who would have the audacity of proclaiming themselves as the supreme ruler and untouchable dictator over the American people has finally been restored. We have reversed and corrected one of our biggest, negative mistakes made, in our history, as a Nation. We finally flexed our muscles, showed the politicians “who’s the boss” and took back the most precious gift, generously handed down to us from generation to generation, since the conception of this great Nation. We successfully completed this remarkable, historic feat legally, peacefully, without destruction and vicious malicious intent.


Our straight forward aggressive determination, yielding to no intimidations, threats or ultimatums, including defeating voter fraud,  have preserved our highly distinctive Government, of, by, and for the people  This proves that we still have our unique unlimited thirst for freedom, which can never be bought or sold by any individual group or established organization.. Our solid preservation in safeguarding our American heritage and ideologies stood firm in protecting and defending our United States Constitution.


These immortal words written into the Declaration of Independence, by Thomas Jefferson and signed by our courageous forefathers of freedom must always be and forever sealed and etched into our lives, minds, hearts and souls. This remarkable piece of literature that announced to the world our independence must be truthfully and undeniably passed down to our children, for the sake and survival for our Country. This absolutely positively represents a society full of free men and women and must be read and spoken with complete reverences.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.


We as free Americans finally took back our lives. The Presidential and Congressional General Election of 2008 has set this Country back considerably, and the future will enlighten us as to what cost and measurement of degree. We mindlessly followed a man that had a Used Car Salesman “gift of gab”. Who was well versed and rehearsed in his dramatically displayed script of falsifications? His unscrupulous double talk in selling his substandard product consisted primarily of an unstable artificial Socialistic Hope, with numerous hidden recalls and malfunctions? We didn’t read the fine print. Unfortunately for the American people the lemon law has no bearing in replacing an incompetent, untrusting freedom robbing politician that has all the characteristics of an egotistical conceited control freak of extreme magnitude.


The proof was unfortunately realized by the “absolute power” displayed by our arrogant President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his Administration, which included the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party. The voices of the people were muted, by sarcasm, self love, payouts and buyouts, which projected control, corruption, incompetence, distrust, vanity and ineptitudes, completely ignoring their employers, the American people. We the people allowed the tail to wag the dog. This form of degrading humiliating rule must never resurface again.


We freely gave up our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, to a fictitious unscrupulous Socialistic legendary idol submerged in total grandeur. His totally liberal/progressive agenda was swept in by his dictatorial majority of zombie Kool Aide drinkers in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.  Our God given inalienable rights unfortunately were threatened during his Administration’s youthful existence. These rights must always be preserved without prejudice, and must never be freely given, to any authoritarian rule by following them in a wave of hypnotic enthusiasm.


Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, during his campaign and since his inauguration has manufactured the privilege of holding celebrity (Movie Star) status, having no limits, no boundaries, and no restraints. His excuses were boundless, denying any responsibility. He was the sacred cow, placed on a pedestal, by the main stream liberal media, together with their cable and newspaper offspring, that established and reinforced his illustrious illusionary perfect image.  It is so disgusting to observe the power of the free press portraying no shame in providing and accepting a subservient role on bended knee of worship to his Highness. Our forefathers knew that situations of this caliber will always have the potentiality to exist and absolute power will always corrupt.


This precious gift initiated and created by our most brave and intellectual forefathers were the structural balance of power, formed within (3) three separate but equal branches. These levels of our government are The Executive, The Legislative, and The Judiciary, independently operated, with their own specially designated unique tasks, duties and powers.


No one branch has complete control in the function of our government, or has the total ability in influencing our lives, as citizen of the United States of America. No one branch of Government has complete dominance. No branch of our Government has dictatorial powers. We have what most countries of the world wished, hoped and prayed for, called “The Balance of Power”.


Unfortunately we as Americans take these simple well developed equivalent acts of checks and balances of limited control for granted, or some of us have no clue that they actually exist? We sometimes revert back and repeat the same enormous errors, by electing and placing candidates in power that are, “birds of the same feather”.  


As we have observed in the last two years, our lives have been oppressed under this present day statute of defined self worshiping totalitarian rule, which allows a political party to have full dominance and control. A Party that imposes forced compulsion of unpopular beliefs and influences, with a high level of adversity and negatively, has no place in our society. We were virtually left defenseless to their every whim.


The process of selecting any vacancy in the Supreme Court was also tainted, because each one of the (2) two Justice’s selected for their lifetime positions, were hand picked by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and was  approved by the Socialists Marxist Liberal Democrats, of his party in the Senate, with a few Republican defectors.


Naturally these appointments mirrored his values and viewpoints. If this one party travesty, had the opportunity, to continue, without one branch in opposition. Then we may have been faced with the possibility of being shackled by our own government. Forcibly, witnessing our Republic disintegrating into an uncontrollable tailspin, with all three branches falling together in total unison, leaving the populous at their mercy. We would have no alterative, but to accept their ramifications, with all legal, legitimate means of non-violent protest stymied, until the next election cycle


This final result of any particular party receiving from the electorate, the complete verification of untouchable domination should be tossed into the deep dark hole of oblivion. No one particular party should have the opportunity or privilege of obtaining exclusive unlimited authority, whether they are Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Socialist, Communist, Liberal, Conservative or Libertarian.


Our system of Checks and Balances must never be offered as a sacrificial lamb or eliminated. The Balance of Power must always be preserved. The United States of America, our Constitution and our entire God given inalienable rights must never be relinquished, constantly defended, and never negotiated. May the Good Lord in all his goodness, mercy and kindness bless and guide America always.


William P. Frasca lives and writes in Jersey City, N.J.