China Reports First New COVID-19 Case In Wuhan


China reported its first new case of coronavirus in Wuhan on Sunday, marking the first new case since April 3 and joining a spate of new cases across China and other countries that had seen progress in getting the disease under control and reopening, including South Korea and Germany.

A masked student re-enters high high school in Wuhan Wednesday, after a 100 day break due to the … [+] pandemic.

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China’s National Health Commission confirmed 14 new coronavirus cases Sunday, making it the country’s highest daily total since April 28 and a significant jump from the single new case reported on Saturday.

Health and government officials around the world are closely watching countries easing lockdowns and other pandemic-related restrictions amid fear that infection rates will spike as people begin to resume everyday activities.

South Korea reported 34 new infections Saturday night, caused by an outbreak at a nightclub, and warned the country could face a second wave later in the year.

South Korea’s death toll remains at 256, and the country’s health minister, Park Neung-hoo, said that a decision will be made on reopening schools in phases from May 13.

In Europe, Germany recorded 667 new cases and 26 deaths Sunday amid what Reuters reported was pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel to reopen the economy.

Germany’s Robert Koch Institute⁠—its federal disease control agency⁠—said it’s too early to tell whether the country’s infection rate will continue to increase or decrease in the coming weeks.

Crucial quote

“We must never lower our guard regarding epidemic prevention,” South Korean President Moon Jae-in said in a televised address. “We are in a prolonged war. I ask everyone to comply with safety precautions and rules until the situation is over, even after resuming daily lives.”

Key background

Over 4 million people have been infected worldwide and nearly 280,000 have died since COVID-19 began spreading in late 2019. Experts and government officials are warning of second coronavirus waves amid loosening restrictions. Some countries, like Germany, Italy and France have worked on plans for potential second waves. In the U.S., however, many states have begun reopening even though they don’t meet key criteria in Trump administration reopening guidelines. “We’re risking a backslide that will be intolerable,” Columbia University epidemiology professor Ian Lipkin told the Associated Press. 


One German soccer team has been quarantined ahead of the league’s scheduled May 16 reopening date, and will miss their first match of the season. According to the BBC, this setback is representative of the uncertainties faced by leagues around the world working to restart stalled seasons.

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