Cillizza: Let’s stop talking about “how it will be different this time” against McConnell

A lot of the air seems to be coming out of the Democratic balloon with the calling of Mitch McConnell’s Senate race in Kentucky. The best sign of that was when CNN’s Chris Cillizza seemed to throw up his hands in frustration.

Let’s just stop talking about how *this* time things will be different for Democrats against McConnell.

The guy is unbeatable in the state. Period.“

Can I just remind everyone of how the Democrats and their media allies kept giving Mitch McConnell increasingly cool nicknames? Cocaine Mitch. Midnight Mitch. Apex Predator of Politics Mitch?

In the end, it wasn’t even close. The Democrats even tried to fund a libertarian candidate’s bid to drain votes away from McConnell. I don’t agree with Cillizza often, but he pegged this one. As Ed Morrissey reminded us earlier today, how much money did the Democrats send up in smoke to try to unseat Mitch? And in the end, it wasn’t really even close.

This is a key victory. If Donald Trump wins a second term we’ll be looking at the same dynamic duo that has stocked the courts with constitutional originalists across the land. And even if the media somehow drags Joe Biden’s carcass across the finish line, a Republican Senate majority with McConnell at the tiller will blunt Biden’s effectiveness in advancing a socialist agenda and his efforts to pack the courts with liberals.

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