Clean up on aisle 3: Debra Messing tweets wish that Trump is “most popular boyfriend in prison”

Actress Debra Messing is busy cleaning up a mess of her own making on social media. Her case of Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to poison her mind and nothing proves that more than her presence on social media. Her latest controversial tweet managed to anger both Trump supporters and his critics. It’s hard maintaining her woke cred, apparently.

Last week, Messing posted on Twitter that she hoped Trump would be the “most popular boyfriend” in prison. She’s convinced that is the fate of Trump – he’ll be convicted of some crime and be sent off to spend the rest of his life in prison. She didn’t, however, say which exact law or laws he has broken. Her violent, vile tweet against Trump even offended almost everyone. She’s not accustomed to being attacked from her own side of the aisle.

In a tweet last week, Messing responded to a note from World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praising German Chancellor Angela Merkel for urging Germans to stay home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“AMERICA. THIS is a LEADER,” she exclaimed.

“[Donald Trump], you are weak, scared, stupid, inept, negligent, vindictive, narcissistic, criminal,” she added. “I hope you live a long life in prison where you become the most popular boyfriend to the all inmates.”

Gay fans, as well as others, wanted to know why she’s suddenly so homophobic.

On Monday, Messing tried to clean up her mess but it wasn’t as easy to do as I imagine she figured it would be. Liberal celebs are used to saying whatever they want without suffering consequences. She began the tweet by stating: “Let me be clear: I said nothing about LGBTQI/queer LOVE.” She deleted the first tweet, by the way.

Debra Messing said on Monday she hoped Donald Trump would be raped in prison, appearing to double down on a tweet last week in which she said she wanted Trump to be the “most popular boyfriend” to all the other prison inmates.

“Rape is an act of violence. Trump has perpetrated violence on hundreds of millions of people. My hope is (and this is the first time in my life) that the tables are turned and he is the victim of perpetrators,” Messing tweeted on Monday.

What did I miss? What violence on “hundreds of millions of people” has Trump perpetrated? Seriously, the woman sounds delusional. She went on to say, ‘It is not my proudest moment, but 45 [Trump] has victimized 100s of millions of ppl; I had wished the tables turned on him. I apologize for the offensive way I did it.’ Oof. It’s hard to imagine such a despicable thought would be justified yet Messing tried.

People noticed there really isn’t much distinction between the first tweet and the second attempt to clarify it.

Indeed. When they say insane things, it’s ok. Wishing violence on another person, including the president, is not acceptable. Imagine what her reaction would be if the same was tweeted about Joe Biden. She deserves all the pushback she is receiving.

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