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France has tightened the rules of who can go out by banning cycling and demanding runners and walkers limit the distance they take from home to a maximum 1-2km and 20minutes.

FFC (@FFCyclisme)

📢 Face à l’épidémie de COVID-19, la @FFCyclisme demande à tous les cyclistes de faire preuve de responsabilité en évitant toute pratique à l’extérieur durant cette période.

Un seul mot d’ordre : “Sauvez des vies ! Restez chez vous !”

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March 19, 2020

A statement from a cycling body reads: “Faced with the COVID-9 epidemic the French Federation of Cycling asks all cyclists to show their responsibility and avoid all cycling outside during this period. Remember the rule: “Save lives! Stay at home!”

French government spokesperson Sibeth Ndiaye warned the confinement rules were likely to be tightened further.

“We see quite irresponsible behaviour, people going to beach to the park. We have to tighten the restrictions. the fines are now 135 and their application is strict; Those who haven’t the right to go out, who don’t have their justification document, who overstep the regulations will be sanctioned,” Ndiaye said.

With schools and universities in the UK now relying on digital services for their switch to remote learning, parents and students are already complaining that residential internet speeds are slowing down dramatically.

The Department for Education in England says it is engaging directly with telecommunications providers to try and fix the problem:

“The government is having regular calls with the major fixed and mobile operators, and with Ofcom, to monitor the situation and ensure that any problems on the networks are rapidly addressed and rectified.

“We fully understand the importance of having reliable internet connectivity at this time, so that people can work from home wherever possible and access critical public services online, including health information.“

A 36-year-old Australian man diagnosed with Covid-19 has died in Iceland, while his wife has been quarantined with the illness.

However, doctors said the man’s symptoms were atypical for the novel coronavirus, and although he had the illness they are continuing to investigate the cause of his death, Iceland’s national broadcaster reported.

“While he was found to be infected with the coronavirus, it is unlikely to have been the cause of his death,” epidemiologist Dr Thorolfur Gudnason, the chief of the health directorate’s national vaccination program, told public broadcaster RUV. “His symptoms came on very quickly and were not those usually associated with Covid-19 deaths.”

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In the UK, parents are waking up to learn further details of how nursery and school places will be provided for key workers including health service, communications and police staff.

After waiting all day yesterday, the UK government last night finally published details setting out whose children would be allowed to continue at their schools and nurseries. We have covered that story here.

Ben Quinn (@BenQuinn75)

UK government list of key workers & guidance for schools, colleges and local authorities

March 20, 2020

Parents and young people in the UK are also awaiting further clarity today on how qualifications will be awarded after summer school tests were hit by school closures.

Also in Britain, Rishi Sunak, Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer, is to unveil an emergency package aimed at protecting workers’ jobs and wages as they face hardship in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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