Countdown in Kabul

If you missed today’s edition of our Clubland Q&A live around the planet, here’s the action replay. Simply click above and settle back for an hour-plus of Mark’s answers to questions from Steyn Club members on multiple topics including the ignoble end of the 9/11 era, America’s Suez moment, the death of liberal interventionism, mapping out a Chinese future, and many more.

You don’t have to be a Mark Steyn Club member to listen to the show, so please click away and enjoy it. But we do thank Steyn Clubbers for, as always, some excellent questions, and we’ll pick up a few of the ones Mark didn’t get to in the days ahead.

That audio edition of Steyn’s Song of the Week Mark mentioned can be heard on Serenade Radio today, Thursday, at 9pm British Summer Time – that’s 4pm North American Eastern (ie, a couple of hours’ time). Mark’s show airs every Sunday at 5.30pm, with repeats at 5.30am Monday and 9pm Thursday: all times London time.

Thank you for all your kind comments about The Mark Steyn Club and such features as The Hundred Years Ago Show, Tales for Our Time and Clubland Q&A. All are special productions for the Steyn Club. If you’re not yet a member but are minded to consider signing up, you can get more info here. It also makes a splendid birthday gift for your loved one.

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