Cuomo hires firm with close ties to CCP to develop reopening plan

Earlier this week, Allahpundit wrote about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s strategy of developing a “Trump-proof” strategy for reopening businesses in his state without letting the President take credit for it or Cuomo taking the blame over a longer shutdown and/or a resurgence of the virus, depending on how it plays out. As part of this strategy, Cuomo has hired the consultant firm McKinsey & Company to help him develop the plan.

While this may not look like an unusual choice at first glance, a deeper look into McKinsey’s history makes them a very problematic option at best. It’s not that they aren’t experienced in such things… they absolutely are, so this sort of work should be right up their alley. But what should be making people suspicious is the firm’s long, very close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Their associations with the Chinese government are lengthy and well documented.

For example, when China launched its One Belt, One Road initiative several years ago (later rebranded as the Belt Road Initiative, or BRI), the New York Times reported that it was McKinsey that was selected to promote their efforts globally. They “sprang into action,” producing numerous reports that were widely cited in Chinese state-owned media, talking up the program in glowing terms. But the BRI was yet another far-reaching effort to expand China’s tendrils into governments and private businesses around the globe, locking down their control of the global supply chain even further. It’s a plan that Foreign Policy magazine once described as “One Belt, One Road, One Big Mistake.”

On their own website, McKinsey brags about the fact that a major portion of their business is in China working for the CCP. Fully 30% of their clients there are state-owned enterprises and other CCP governmental organizations. Another large slice of their business there is done for multinational corporations based in or with strong ties to China.

Even here in the United States and in other parts of the world, McKinsey’s favored strategies involved promoting “unbundling.” They advised large corporations regarding the wisdom of offshoring both their employment and supply chain strategies, with a particular emphasis on sending everything to China. Their clients in these efforts included IBM and General Motors, both of which became famous for outsourcing jobs and supply chain sources.

McKinsey recently held one of its company retreats in China. And, as reported in the New York Times, the location they chose was only a few miles from one of the larger Uyghur concentration camps.

With all this in mind, do you really believe that McKinsey would develop or even endorse any sort of policy in New York that didn’t paint the CCP in a favorable light? Or at least portray them as neutral, innocent actors in the origins and subsequent handling of the pandemic? They would be risking drawing the anger of one of their largest cash cows and closest business partners, the CCP. And since we’re talking about the Wuhan coronavirus here, this all makes them a dubious choice to partner with New York on this plan.

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