Democrat Bob Casey tries to make coronavirus about guns, and gets torched on social media

Democratic Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania attempted to politicize the coronavirus pandemic into some sort of statement about gun control and social media took him to task for the bizarre suggestion.

Casey posted the observation on his official social media account on Friday.

“Right now in America, it is easier to get an AR-15 than a test kit for COVID-19,” he tweeted, referring to coronavirus.

Critics of the president have focused on whether the federal government has done enough to make sure there is a sufficient supply of testing kits to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Many on social media ridiculed Casey, with some pointing out that the government was to blame for the test kids, while the free market was to be credited for the ample supply of AR-15s.

“Formula: connect a genuinely urgent issue to an issue you want to keep talking about even though its level of urgency just plunged,” said Walter Olson of the Cato Institute.

“For crying out loud,” responded Dana Loesch. “You win the gold for using a pandemic that originated in a communist country as an argument to restrict citizens’ rights.”

“Why did you feel this was an appropriate time to send this incredibly stupid tweet, Senator Casey?” asked gun rights advocate Stephen Gutowski.

“This is a good case for deregulation in both cases. Thanks!” said Ben Shapiro.

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Friday but tried to calm Americans’ fears about the pandemic.

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