Earth to Rush Limbaugh: IRS refuses to prosecute fraudulent tax-return scammers

Service won’t prosectute unless theft is over $50K — but will fight honest taxpayers over $100.00

Irreverent View EXCLUSIVE By Chris Ingram

(Tampa, Fla.) — You may have never heard of “Green dot prepaid debit cards,” but they are commonly used by scammers to receive fraudulent IRS refunds, authorities say.

This week the Tampa Tribune  and the St. Pete Times reported on one such scammer.

 On Friday (9/2), Bay-area  law enforcement will be holding a press conference about the problem.

The real issue with this scam is not that scammers are stealing money and the identities of innocent victims as the Tribune and Times reported. No the real crime is our own government. Specifically the IRS.

Here’s how the scam works – and why the IRS is the real problem: Click To Read More…

Happy Labor Day Chris.