EPA Big Loser In Budget Cuts

In the post debates on how well the GOP did, the EPA was the big loser. The EPA’s 2011 budget will be reduced by 16% from 2010 spending levels to $8.7 billion. In all, Democrats moved more than halfway in the compromise on how much to cut in the $1.05 trillion bill for the remaining 6 months in the 2011 fiscal year.

The final bill calls for $39 billion in cuts, the largest one time cut in federal spending in history. The Democrats wanted to freeze spending.

Although, the Republicans were not able to strip the EPA of its authority to regulate green house gases, the bill did cut $1.6 billion from its budget. Historically the EPA’s budget was $7.5 billion, but rose sharply to $10.5 after Obama started dumping money into the agency over the last two years.

Gone is special advisor (potential Czar?) to President Obama on climate change and the position left open by Carol Browner resignation will not be filled. A federal fund for buying land will be reduced by 33% and programs related to climate change will be cut by $49 million, or 13%. All and all, it was a good day for the GOP and the American voice.