Extra Matzoh – Hold the Bat Soup

Welcome once again to another edition of Laura’s Links. I hope your Easter was joyful and that your Passover is chugging along in the most positive spirit possible. As for me and my house, we had a lovely Passover Seder, munched on the matzoh, and sang all the songs.

The Passover Seder concludes with the age-old collective and heartfelt desire of the entire Jewish people to be “Next Year in Jerusalem”. It’s a moving and uplifting experience that I treasure at the re-telling of the story each year. Teaching our children the story of the Exodus is something we are commanded to do – and it is a great privilege and blessing to do so. Let’s hope and pray that the wicked Kung Flu also passes over our houses with haste.

Not surprisingly, yet another week of self-quarantine, self-teach the children, self-work at home, self-clean the house, self-make three meals a day and self-try to exercise so as not to turn into human sloth pudding (probably still safer than bat soup), has not really mellowed me out. But lockdown misery loves company, and it’s gratifying to see I’m not alone in my irritation. I am clearly not the only one wanting China to be locked down instead of us, and wondering about the recovery plans. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the plan is that there is no plan. As Mark mentioned recently on a recent Mark Steyn Show audio episode, the real question of leadership is ‘Who is looking forward?’. We simply can’t afford to have “leaders” who will be primarily interested in analyzing (or worse – congratulating themselves) this mess post-facto. Who is looking forward? Which countries are already thinking about ways to prevent the next biological disaster from the murderous Chinese regime?

I got a stash of library books before our public libraries shut down, and one book that I am relishing re-reading now is Rumsfeld’s Rules: Leadership Lessons in Business, Politics, War and Life. In keeping with my “China must pay” mantra (life goal?), it was lovely to be reminded by Rummy about what Ronald Reagan said to his national security advisor, Richard V. Allen, shortly after he took office. “My idea of American policy toward the Soviet Union is simple, and some would say simplistic. It is this: We win and they lose.”

Furthermore, Reagan’s policy on the Evil Empire was to situate them “on the ash heap of history”. As we Jews say: Halevai. Halevai (lyrics by Ehud Manor, melody Boaz Sharabi) that we live long enough to see communist China and its tyrannical friends enjoy the very same destiny.

The Great Prophet Mark Steyn, inshallah may the WuFlu corona Passovah him this Easter and Passover, ameeeeen ameeeeen, also kept busy whilst locked down at Steyn HQ over the past week. There was fabulous audio, a Topical Take on the late Linda Tripp, a special audio version of The Mark Steyn Show for Easter and a beautiful essay on Let It Be.

Lastly, best wishes to British PM Boris Johnson on his continued recovery, that was delightful news. And now, let’s take a look back at the week that was.


North America:

This is perfect. Har!

Health Canada keeps taking direction from the Wuhan Health Organization.

Are we listening to Canadian doctors?

Some good news!

Bbbbbut believe all women???


The Formerly Great Britain:

History Geek-Out: Rare Bletchley Park footage released.



Umm, not exactly the pre-Easter message I was hoping for. Welp!


Murderous Barbarian Chinese Communist Wuhan Coronavirus:

How did New Yorks’ emergency ventilator stockpile end up on the auction block?

Bill de Blasio’s colossal corona screw ups.

From Niall Ferguson: “China caused this disaster, but now wants to claim the credit for saving us from it.” And the despicable mainstream media is delighted to support this narrative.

From Bill Maher: Yes, it’s the China virus. Also, do you expect anyone to believe that China can enforce a one-child policy on penalty of death, but not close their disgusting wet markets?

Hamas would be delighted to assist in 6,000,000 coronavirus murders. Wherever have I heard that number before? Can we finally agree about who the real “neo-Nazis” are?

A third of Britons think the wanker police have gone too far in enforcing social distancing. In other words, two thirds are passive idiots.

Thanks a lot, China. And thanks for all your crappy, disgusting, defective stuff.

YES, THIS! And this.

Please be fired.

Is Medium censoring viewpoints that don’t comply with total lockdown fervor?

I found the source of the coronavirus.

Lastly, as Mark mentioned earlier this week on the Easter Monday version of the Mark Steyn Show, is there nothing the Kung Flu cannot do? Kung Flu as conversion therapy?!?! My word!


Israel and Jews:

When an Egyptian rapper realizes she’s a Jew.

Jew-haters happy to be saved by Jew drugs and innovations.


Humourless Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

No, you morons, it is not racist for white women to fancy brown men. I myself favour swarthy Jews. You should see Mr. C!


Human Grace:

Blessings from the sky.

Some music to soothe the soul.

The angels among us.

“I love you.”

Israeli Arab nurse reads the Haggadah (Passover story) to elderly Jewish residents in a geriatric ward.

Meet the Coronallenials.

A few smiles in here. I am definitely An Oyster. The world is my Oyster! OK maybe not the world, but at least this beloved corner of SteynOnline.

Stay well and safe one and all.

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