Farrakhan Blames Whitey For Obama’s Actions

James Daniels

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan says the white man is to blame for the recent events in Libya. He stated “We voted for our brother, Barack” and continued on to call him “A beautiful human being with a sweet heart, and now he’s an assassin. They’ve turned him into them.” The guilty people, of course, are white people, according to his statements. On a side note, a quick scan at the time of this writing revealed little to nothing about this aside from some conservative websites. It seems that the unbiased, politically neutral big media happened to let another one slip by.

Farrakhan may have very well been right if he had blamed part of this on white people, as there are whites that work closely with Obama and may have advised him on the issue. However, the ultimate blame lies squarely on Barack Obama, the Commander in Chief. It was his ultimate, illegal decision to bring hostilities upon Libya – at least as far as the US is concerned. He did, however, go to the UN for approval, even though the US Constitution permits no such deed. What he could have done is go to the Congress, the legal and appropriate way of waging war, and asked them. Then, perhaps with the majority white Congress, Farrakhan would have been right to blame part of the problem on white people, even though the issue of race should be irrelevant. However, he has no leg to stand on and appears to be playing the race card as a desperate attempt to shift blame from a President who has miserably failed blacks and Americans in general.

President Obama made this decision. While there are plenty of other people involved, he could have ended it all by simply saying no. As you read this, if Obama gives the order to pull out of Libya, the Military must do so.  He is their boss. Blaming whites for his decision is not the most well-researched way of getting Farrakhan’s anti-white stance across. Saying “They turned him into them”, if true, makes Obama a man of very weak morals and integrity – hardly the man we want in Washington for another 4 years.

Of course, the issue of racism in Farrakhan’s statements will likely be brushed aside, if not ignored, in the big media. Imagine if a white man of similar prominence blamed blacks, or any other minority, for the actions of George W. Bush during his controversial Presidency. Would that person ever live it down? We still hear about comments that Ron Paul allegedly made almost 20 years ago in regards to blacks. Trent Lott was railed for supporting Strom Thurmond, an alleged racist. How about some balanced media coverage for a change?

Most Americans are against the aggression against Libya. It serves little, if any, legitimate purpose for American interests. It also places Americans and Libyans in needless harm to serve a questionable agenda. There are plenty of globalists who will benefit from this – including our dear President. Most whites, blacks, latinos, or any other Americans will not benefit from this or many other of the President’s actions. Barack Obama has well over a year to get his act together and become a decent President, but he almost certainly won’t. This is not an issue of race, as Farrakhan would like to portray. This is an issue of a weak President making another highly-questionable decision among many others during his term.

Ultimately, Louis Farrakhan should not be punished for what he said. While his comments are clearly an attempt to deflect direct blame from the first (somewhat) black President, he is entitled to his own opinion. What is truly disgusting about his comments is that the big media will almost certainly play them down while they rail against so-called racist whites for their views. Perhaps Farrakhan would have been much more accurate had he laid the blame squarely on Obama. Obama is not a child – he is an articulate, well-educated man who has abused his power and cheated blacks out of a decent President that future black candidates could aspire to emulate. If Obama has truly “Turned into them”, then Americans must find a new man for the Whitehouse. Would you hire a man that is supposedly this gullible to manage a fast-food restaurant? Of course not. Then why should we hire him to be our President for another 4 years? In the end, Farrakhan’s comments either point to a man who is highly unqualified to be President or to his own weak attempt to blame someone else for the President’s misdoings.