Florida Just Reported Its Deadliest Week For Coronavirus


Over the past week, the state of Florida reported over 1,200 new deaths from Covid-19, setting a sobering new high for one of the nation’s coronavirus epicenters, even as other statistics continue to show the state’s crisis improving.

Marlon Warren, a mortician assistant prepares a funeral service for a man who died of COVID-19 at … [+] Ray Williams Funeral Home on August 12, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. Jeffrey Rhodes, the co-owner of Ray Williams Funeral Home, has seen an uptick in funeral services provided due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Business has increased to a point where we have to stagger our funeral days and time because of COVID-19”, said Rhodes. “Funeral homes are the forgotten front-liners when caring loved ones during the pandemic. This has become our new normal. “(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

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Since Sunday, Aug. 9, Florida has reported 1,266 coronavirus deaths.

Other metrics, like new cases, hospitalizations and positive testing rate, have steadily dropped, indicating coronavirus spread in the state is slowing down.

Deaths tend to lag behind other statistics, suggesting that the record breaking week was likely a result of case rises earlier in the summer.

The death count remains far below what New York reported during mid-April, when the state was averaging over 700 coronavirus deaths a day—a number no other state has even approached.


Florida reported 3,779 new coronavirus cases Sunday. That number is higher than what most countries usually report in a day, but it’s actually the lowest daily case increase since June. Sunday also marks five weeks since Florida reported 15,300 new coronavirus cases in a single day—the highest number any state has reported so far in the pandemic.


Florida isn’t alone in reporting a new death high. Its week was actually surpassed by what Texas, which was another summer coronavirus hot spot, reported from Saturday, Aug. 8, to Saturday, Aug. 15. The Lone Star State topped 1,700 deaths over that week alone.


Just because the state reported a new record for deaths in the past week doesn’t mean that 1,266 Floridians died of coronavirus over that period, since there’s also a lag between when a death happens and when it is reported to the state and then added to the database. According to the Orlando Sentinel, at least one of the deaths reported Sunday actually occurred as much as a month earlier


It will take more time to determine whether the death peak has already happened in the state, and when that peak might have been. 


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