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As I was saying on Fox News recently, every border on the planet is currently locked down, except the US southern border, which has been entirely dissolved by order of Dementia Joe.

When I flew in to Logan Airport in Boston not so long ago, the Department of Homeland Wankery (aside from herding us all into a confined space that made “social distancing” impossible so they could advise us of the need to social-distance) asked for me a street address and telephone number, and then left tedious messages demanding to know if I was “quarantining”.

Yet, when over a hundred illegal aliens with no right of admission to the United States arrive in Brownsville, Texas and test positive for ChiCom-19, they’re discharged into the community without addresses and phone numbers to board Greyhound buses for every state.

Just behind them are another bunch of pre-amnestied-Americans all wearing identical Joe Biden T-shirts. That’s win-win: The Democrats get new voters, and Chairman Xi gets the merchandising concession.

The law-abiding and healthy are locked down; the lawless and infected have the run of the land. And yet the citizenry put up with it.

~There was some criticism of me in the comments for not raising the fate of Ashli Babbitt, murdered at the Capitol on January 6th. In fact, I, a no-name Canadian guest-host, have raised the memory-holing of Ms Babbitt on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News Primetime and the last Rush Limbaugh Show of Rush’s lifetime. By contrast:

Not one GOP Senator has asked about what happened to Ashlii Babbitt.

~Vernon Jordan has died at the age of 83, a much diminished figure. Back in the Nineties, he was one of those Washington insiders one always assumed knew what was really going on underneath the surface theatricals. He was a handsome, elegant black American known to have Clinton’s ear at a time when everyone else was focused on other presidential parts. A female acquaintance of mine claimed to have had sex with him, and told me he had the most beautiful skin she had ever seen, and that thereafter every other man who disrobed in her presence always brought forth from deep within a pang of regret.

I have no independent verification of that. I was introduced to him once over breakfast at the Four Seasons. But he had that radar that all genuine heavyweight power brokers have, that enables one to divine instantly that the other guy is a total loser. So the conversation was not long. Other than that, this is all I can recall writing about him:

Some years back, asked what he and the President talked about during their frequent afternoons on the golf course, Clinton confidant Vernon Jordan replied succinctly, ‘Pussy.’

Presumably this is a reference to Kathleen Willey’s late cat, who mysteriously disappeared after she went public with her accusations against the President.

~There is a flurry of motions right now in hockey-stick huckster Michael E Mann’s defamation case against yours truly. We are approaching the start of the tenth year of the climate mullah’s vanity lawsuit, and have a brand new trial judge – the fourth. Climate Depot’s indispensable Marc Morano notes a new filing:

‘Discovery has proven Steyn’s statements true, not Mann’s’ – ‘Mann Engaged in Deception & Misconduct’

You can read the motion in full here. This passage rang somewhat poignant for me:

Mann brings two motions (one, to strike the defense of truth, and the other, for summary judgment on falsity), both of which should be denied:

Mann’s motion to strike Steyn’s defense of truth is seven years too late. Steyn answered Mann’s Amended Complaint on March 12, 2014, asserting as his Second Affirmative Defense that ‘[t]he statements at issue made by Defendant Steyn are true.’

They were true then. They are true now. They will be true another decade hence.

Speaking of “climate activism“:

Why I Quit Being a Climate Activist

The climate movement is overwhelmingly white. So I walked away.

Indeed. All about the polar bears. On melting ice floes.

But it’s also disturbingly misogynist – and Mann in particular:

‘Curry, however, is a supposed scientist who has (perhaps) literally gotten into bed with slime like Steyn.’

The ugly slug sock-puppet who wrote that would be of no importance – except that Michael E Mann has enthusiastically linked and reTweeted him all week long.

What a grubby little twerp Mann is.

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