Gadhafi TV

Since the start of the conflict in Libya the Gadhafi government has taken a rough hand with the media limiting foreign journalist access to any real news. Instead, they are kept on a tight leash and treated to lectures on journalist ethics.

With the internet shut down and other news outlets squashed, the Libyan people are treated to call-in shows televised with anchors that promote aggression and misinformation. “All Libyans are armed, ready for any invader that comes to Libya,” says talk show host a Mr. al-Tuhami as he pulls an out an AK-47 and lays it on the studio table. He goes on to say, “He and other Libyans are ready to defend Col. Gadhafi until the last breath, bullet, and drop of blood, baby.” (Not sure if Mr. al-Tuhami means baby in terms of endearment or something more sinister.)

Mr. al-Tuhami’s show is broadcast twice a day with clips of Iraqi detainees being abused at Abu Ghraib prison in 2004 to keep Libyan citizens informed and nervous. There is also slick puff pieces glorifying Col. Gadhafi with pledging of allegiance to him and promos portraying the rebels as blood thirsty killers. Once in a while Gadhaifi himself will show up on the screen asking in a caring tone to a captured rebel, “Have you taken hallucinogenic drugs.”