Game of Chicken

Remember cocktail parties? People would invite other people over to their houses to get tipsy on drinks with cool names and eat stuff standing up using their fingers. There would be pleasantries and small talk. Adults would humor precocious children before they were coerced to go to bed. Then the adults would get down to business.  

Doesn’t rig a bell? Download any episode of Bewitched or The Dick Van Dyke Show for a refresher. We’ll wait.

It is time for the childish idealogues in Washington to go to bed or at least get the hell out of the room. It’s grown-up time. Hard yet sensible decisions need to made. Concessions are not necessarily bad, but are almost always necessary.

Failure to raise the debt ceiling will be an unescessary calamity. The resulting chaos will pass in time, but the animosity it will have engendered will not so quickly be forgotten by voters on either side of the aisle. Those gambling on the idea that the other side will blink are playing a dangerous game with, not only the opposition, but with the American voter.