Gangster Government Bearing Down On Boeing

Next week Boeing comes before the NLRB in it bid to continue to build the 787 Dreamliner Airline in its new plant in South Carolina. The interesting things is two of the four board members are Obama administration appointees, making the NLRB now effectively controlled by the government.

Boeing is putting up the good fight and vows it will continue all the way to the Supreme Court in it’s right to continue to conduct business in South Carolina or any other state it chooses. The complaint filed in April by the International Association of Machinists claims Boeing is punishing it’s Washington State union workers by moving to South Carolina and denying them work. 

The union has proposed a settlement that Boeing, up to now, has declined. In a veiled threat Union General Counsel Chris Corson said last week;

“I think it’s always better to work things out among ourselves than take it to third-party dispute resolution…we are open to creative ways to address Boeing’s concerns and ours,”

The Machinists Union is telling Boeing that it’s highly trained workforce will help Boeing continue to win government contracts in the future if they will go along with the union’s demands.