Germany’s Love Affair With The Euro-zone Waning

“The first medicine didn’t work and now we are simply doubling the dose” Wolfgang Bosback prominent champion of European integration. Mr. Bosback is expected to vote “no” on Thursday’s vote to put more money into Europe’s bail-out fund. ” My fear is when the big bang happens, it won’t just be us who will have to pay but generations hereafter” Sound familiar?

Angela Merkel is finding it increasing difficult to keep her party and an increasing German nation convinced to go along with more bail-out measures to countries such as Greece who can not contain their debt and spending.

“I am for Germany supporting it’s neighbors, but they have to be able to do it’s homework” Horst Becker, head of Gmbh a German Restoration firm. Mr. Becker is speaking of the final straw this month when a team of euro-zone inspectors cut short a review in Athens over how to fill Greece’s budget-deficit gap.

After six dacades of funding an intergrated Europe, Germany is worrying and considering it’s own nations needs and challenges more closely now that it’s faces, once again, another PIG bail-out. The Germany economy is Europe’s locomotive and Germans are beginning to consider that the Euro-zone would be better off if Greece exits.