Getting Mad …and Getting Even?

Today, Monday, Steyn joined Chris Kenny on “The Kenny Report” from Sky News Australia to contrast the recent performances of Trump at CPAC and Biden in Texas …and how the Woke Left became the mullahs of mirth. Mark noted that the holder of the unelected position of “First Lady” is now doing more joint interviews with her husband than any of her predecessors ever had to do:

‘For Jill Biden, it is a full time job, she sits next to her husband as his handler, and when he gets confused about where he is or what he’s talking about or the name of whoever it is he’s meant to be meeting, she jumps in and does clean up,’ Mr Steyn told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

‘So if you say to me, who’s setting China policy, who’s setting immigration policy, I don’t know who it is in there who’s doing it.

‘But I know one thing for certain, it isn’t Joe Biden.’

Click below to watch:

If you prefer Mark in non-visual formats, he’ll be back on Tuesday in audio only for another edition of The Mark Steyn Show. We hope you’ll tune in.

~It was a busy weekend at SteynOnline, starting with the Friday edition of The Mark Steyn Show which began with a too literal example of Chinese penetration, moved to Justin’s victims, the hell of lockdown without end, a fine way to treat a Steinway, and concluded with Chairman Xi’s plans for small Pacific states. Our Saturday movie date reprised the late Kathy Shaidle’s final column, on Kurosawa’s Ikiru. On Sunday Mark hosted another omnibus edition of The Hundred Years Ago Show, and his Sunday song selection celebrated a great song from a Broadway disaster, “Come Rain or Come Shine”. Our marquee presentation was the launch of a weekly audio adaptation of many readers’ favorite Steyn book, Mark Steyn’s Passing Parade. If you were too busy with CPAC or other fripperies, we hope you’ll want to check out one or three of the foregoing as a new week begins.

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